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JESUS IS LORD. Hello! =D My Name is Michelle, I'm 27 and im a Christian. I originally came on this tumblr account a long time ago around 2010 when I was in my "Younger years." But sense then iv changed ALOT through my holy spirit changing me and re making my heart from hard to soft. Anywho, this tumblr is just My simple Net world where I share just as anyone would, the things I Like and Love, I share alot of Jesus stuff because that is firstly where My heart's at and will have no other way. If anyone ever wanted to read the Bible , i won't or cant ever make no one, and anyone that does try and make you isn't right, But yeah, If you would Like to read it i have my buttons listed above where i have "Set" two Different ways of reading from it online. One is "Audio it starts in Matthews" and the other is Just "Regular reading, also starts in Matthews." You can pick from (on the regular Bible) what Bible you want to read from, for Me i like to go from New Kings James and New English or even KJV. But yeah Lol Welcome to my tumblr. May the posts that i pick and share be a blessing to you as much as for me in Jesus Christ name, Amen. Shalom.

P.S. MY ASK button doesn't work, I didn't put the right code in (Sorry) I will add a different one hopfully SOON.'

why are you teaching such deceit?

those who walk in way of lie, that believe such a holy word that has sense changed so many peoples lives, brought Nations to the Lord Jesus Christ, Humbled the hearts of man, strengthened the weak in spirit and has been spoken over the sick, to be healed to be a way of deceit? would a Holy God who is willing wanting and desiring for the reward of His kingdoms filling for many to reach their destiny in Christ, create a way of deception to lead many away into darkness ? when it is His desire that the captives be free?

To You who follow me, and try to deceive the many into believing such a lie as the Bible is the mark of the beast, if you are a lead to the many in way of Your truth, you shall be held accountable for the ways of your teaching wrongfully in the deceiving of others. May the Holy spirit rest upon you in the way of truth, that you shall be free to seeing His truth. And this is why, we as disciples of God through Christ, don’t follow man, but only the Holy Spirit, testing the spirits in which we adhere to, to make sure that what we are receiving is not of a spirit of satan but of God Holiness and righteous truth.  

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